Custom made jewelry is what we do most, and what we do best. All that’s needed to start the process is a phone call or a walk through the door. We always welcome design ideas from our customers, though most people, especially those looking for a gift, don’t know what they want. And this is fine! Here’s where our experience comes in helping to put people at ease and encouraging them to have fun, while helping to design their unique gift. Of course, there are many items in the showcases to choose from, or to use as a starting point in designing. In most cases it takes only one to two weeks to see an exact model in wax, before it’s converted into precious metal. The entire process can take as little as a few weeks. Check out the Education section to read more about the lost wax casting process.

Maybe you have a ring where the setting is a bit worn or dated, or earrings that were passed down to you sitting in a drawer because they aren’t quite your style. Or maybe you have gem you’d like to design something special for. These are some of the other reasons that our customers refer their friends to us. We can even use your old gold (or platinum) to trade in, giving a generous credit. In some cases we can use the exact same gold to create the new piece!

We do many kinds of repairs, taking great care with your jewelry, whether it has high monetary value, or “just” sentimental value … from ring sizings and breaks of all kinds, to replacement of stones, to restringing pearls on silk. And we’re always happy to clean your jewelry and check prongs for wear any time you’d like.

We have an extensive gem lab, another thing that sets us apart from most jewelers, for those who’d like us to identify or confirm the identity of a gem.